SMA Pilates + Barre + Yoga is a boutique studio in San Miguel de Allende. We are a contemporary studio focused on whole body care through movement. We offer Pilates, Barre and Yoga classes in small groups to ensure our clients receive the best care and attention to detail.

Kaley Parsons

Owner of SMA Pilates
Master Certified Pilates and Barre Instructor

Kaley originally comes from Portland Oregon but as a child lived in San Miguel de Allende and is happy to be back raising her family here. Kaley has a genuine love for teaching Pilates and a respect for its healing abilities. Kaley has experience working with clients whose issues range from severe mobility problems, athletes, pre/post natal and to those that are looking to improve their physical health. With every client, there is an opportunity to learn more about the body and the unique issue with it. Pilates is gentle but intense and the effects it can have on the body are undeniable. Kaley has been teaching Pilates and barre since 2008, she holds her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Body and is a member of their master’s program. Kaley is a certified instructor for both Balanced Body Barre and Booty Barre.

Kaley has experience working with clients with a variety of mobility issues and fitness goals. “I believe in working smarter not harder and that is the heart of what a good Pilates practice is about”. 

Rose Alcantara

Pilates Instructor

“Teaching Pilates is the fulfillment of the passion I have for keeping bodies youthful,” explains Rose Alcantara. “Drawing on the discipline and knowledge from my dance career and teaching, and the extensive training I have received in Pilates, yoga, and fitness, I revel in designing sessions tailored to each client’s personal needs.”

After a career as a classical dancer and dance-studio owner in the San Francisco area, Rose pursued studies in yoga, personal fitness, and Pilates. She owned two successful Pilates studios, one near San Francisco and later, a studio in Belize.


Pilates Instructor

“Exercise has always been part of my life,  giving me not just physical condition but mental and emotional relief. “ When Ana started practicing pilates she discovered that in every session you work your full body getting your muscles stronger and allowing for proper alignment.  Ana had a passion for teaching and working for each clients needs. Ana received her Pilates training from Akro Pilates Studio.


Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Teaching yoga is Sarah’s passion because of its holistic and nurturing approach to health. “We invite our bodies to become physically healthier and train our minds to find peace in the midst of chaos.”  A yoga class is much more than an hour of exercise. It’s an opportunity to plant seeds of contentment and wellness that we’ll carry with us throughout the rest of our lives!  Sarah received her training through Paraiso Yoga Studio in Nayarit, a Yoga Alliance Certified studio.