Barre Reformer Mat Pilates Classes San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Barre Classes

Choreographed to music, Barre is a blend of ballet, standing Pilates and mat work. Movements are fluid and functional, allowing the body to move in an organic way. Light hand weights and balls are added into the choreography to help fatigue all of your muscle groups during the class.

Mat Classes

Exercises are done on the mat with an emphasis placed on alignment, breath, muscle activation, and control.  Abdominal engagement, breath connection, and spinal mobility are all key elements to each exercise.  You will exercise each part of the body in a smart and effective way.

Reformer Classes

Pilates on the reformer is wonderful for the body and a great way to practice mind body connection.  The reformer assists in the strengthening, lengthening, flexibility and muscular balance in the body.  There are endless exercises and variations one can do on the reformer to challenge the body and the mind.

Private Classes

Personalized lessons gives you and the instructor the ability to identify exactly what your needs are and then customize the lesson specifically your goals.   Whether you are new to Pilates or have years of practice one can always benefit from the personalized instruction. Your personalized instruction can include barre work, mat work, stretch work, and reformer instructions to ensure that class is personalized for you needs or goals.


What is Pilates?

The emphasis of Pilates is on the core (abdomen, lower back, inner/outer thighs and gluten) and that all movement is initiated from here and when these muscles are worked in a balanced way it can increase mobility, strength, and lessen the likelihood of injury.  Pilates can build your endurance, strength, coordination, muscular balance, flexibility as well as give you better posture.  An important principle of Pilates is concentration which helps you maintain the connection between mind and body.

This practice of concentration will assist you in using the correct muscles during an exercise as well as translate to some helpful brain exercise.  Along with concentration is the key principal of breath, you must use your breathing to assist you in activating the muscles during the exercises.  Science and what we know about the body is constantly evolving and Pilates instruction is adapting for today's body so at SMA Pilates + Barre it is our desire is to give our clients a supportive and customized workout that is appropriate for their body.

San Miguel Pilates Mat Class
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