SMA Pilates + Barre

SMA Pilates + Barre is San Miguel de Allende’s premier boutique studio. At SMA Pilates + Barre we take a contemporary approach to the classical work by Joseph Pilates and teach based on the most current science and biomechanics.  With top of the line equipment from Balanced Body, SMA Pilates + Barre is designed with quality in mind and offers small classes to give the client more individualized attention to ensure they get the most from their workout.  We offer Pilates Mat, Barre, Stretch and Reformer classes as well private Pilates and Thai massage.

Reserve your space

Since we are a small boutique studio space is limited and it is recommended to use our online booking system to reserve your space in class or your private session.  Walk-ins are welcome but not guaranteed a place in class.

Pilates Mat Class

Pilates on the mat can be incredibly challenging and rewarding.  Exercises are done on the mat with an emphasis placed on alignment, breath, muscle activation and control in the exercise. Abdominal engagement, breath connection and spinal mobility are all key elements to each exercise.  You will exercise each part of the body in a smart and effective way.

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Barre Class

This is a fun and dynamic class choreographed to music. This class is a blend of ballet, standing Pilates and mat work.  Movements are fluid and functional allowing the body to move in an organic way.  Like Pilates this is a low impact class that targets some of our more unused muscle groups.  For those with knee issues or injuries it is recommended to speak with the instructor before taking class.

Barre Remix Class

Barre Remix is an express class that gets all the toning and work done in 45 minutes.  There is a blend of ballet, standing Pilates, Pilates Mat exercises and the use of different props to increase to efficiency of work.

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Reformer Class

Pilates on the reformer is wonderful for the body and a great way to practice mind body connection.  The reformer assists in the strengthening, lengthening, flexibility and muscular balance in the body.  There are endless exercises and variations one can do on the reformer to constantly challenge the body and the mind.  SMA Pilates + Barre has three Allegro II reformers from Balanced Body which are top quality machines and easily adjustable to different body sizes.  It is recommended that if you have never used the reformer before to schedule a private lesson before joining classes for safety.

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Private Pilates Lesson 

Personalized instruction gives you and the instructor the ability to identify exactly what your needs are and then customize the lesson specifically for you and your goals.   Whether you are new to Pilates or have years of practice one can always benefit from the personalized instruction.

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Duet Lesson

Bring a friend and do your training together.  A duet lesson can be on the Reformer or tailored to what your goals are.  Working out is always more fun with a friend!

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